144. Memphis, Hall County

I’ve been to Miami. I’ve been to far flung Odessa. I’ve even been to San Diego. One day I’ll make it to Boston and Athens and even Palestine. But today is Memphis of all places. And for Memorial Day, it disappointed me so hard. Why you may ask? Because of…

Doughboys? Totally patriots worthy of being remembered. Confederate soldiers? “Patriot” is not the right word for that. I know there was a big push around the 1920s and 1930s to put up Confederate monuments because the last generation of Confederate soldiers were dying off. But “patriots”? It’s hard to call men who stand in rebellion to the United States “patriots”. I very much do not agree with the Lost Cause argument and I have no intention of ever being alright with it. Normally when I see these, I employ the negative version of SALTS (Scowled A Little Then Stopped). But on Memorial Day? I think it’s borderline tragic that there are people giving Memorial Day brain cycles to them. But I had better things to do than complain about rebels. I had to find a cache.

HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY! Quanah! This is a weird not quite traffic island/not quite pocket park with a “planter” with metal plants. As you can imagine, the cache is magnetic. I wonder where it could be? I’ll never tell… I found it, signed it, and got back to rolling to…

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