145. Silverton, Briscoe County

The first thought in my head when I pulled up was “Junior!” Nice looking courthouse even though I don’t think it’s particularly special. I actually picked up a cache here because, well, it was easy and I was there, but that’s not the official cache for the county. This is one of those times I picked one up before rather than after I got to the courthouse. As I was coming into town, I was driving a winding road through Caprock Canyon. It was so stunning that I decided to pull off into a rest stop so I could take in the view.

Quite a thing, eh? And I thought to myself (there I go with the “thinking” again!) that this would be a great place to put a cache. Then I immediately thought that I’m not exactly renowned for my original thinking so I pulled out my phone and fired up the app with little to no signal, hoping there might be something there. And whad’ya know? There was a cache about 500 feet off from here! I went down over the guard rail, through some scrub and a little overgrowth, until I came along what looked like a bit of a trail leading to a burned area. I followed it a bit further toward what looked like the center of a small, long gone blaze. And there it was…

It was hard to get a shot of both the cache and the canyon beyond. I don’t think I got a really satisfying shot of either so I came in a bit closer to the cache itself.

There it is, sitting lonely, maintaining its vigil over the canyon from on high. I’m not sure what book those pages were from. Nor was I sure why it was filled with some kind of sand. Maybe to weigh it down to keep it from moving? I don’t see the point because it wasn’t slipping that chain around the tree, but I’m sure there was a valid reason. I signed the log, left my mark (as you can see), and headed back to the car. I popped into to town to do the courthouse required (and pick up that easy one at the old jailhouse there) and then took off again to get to…

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