Getting To Know All About You…

So yesterday I got all personal about me, which is not my normal modus operandi. I am usually a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, and smothered in secret sauce. I blame that Geocacher Ken guy. But that is not why you all read this. You read this for the geocaching and the locations and shenanigans that ensue therefrom. So this will be similar to before BUT all geocaching all the time!

How did you get into geocaching?

I first heard of it back in the heady days of 2001 as this new fangled thing people were doing with their new, super accurate GPS units. I honestly had no idea why someone would want to spend a ton of money on one to go to the middle of nowhere to find a bunch of hidden boxes. I was also a very different person then. Geocaching changed and I changed, and in 2018 I came back to that thing I thought was silly before and it turned out I kinda liked it…

What do you enjoy the most about geocaching in your area?

First of all, I’m lucky to be in such a cache-rich environment. At this point I’ve been to enough large and small cities to know how lucky I am. In fact, I know that my streak wouldn’t be a thing if it was not for the other cachers of Travis and Williamson Counties. About two-thirds of all my caches come from those two counties and I’m not exactly in danger of running out. Second, I’ve gone to a lot of places in my city, the city I grew up in, that I didn’t even know existed because of caching. So, even when I’m grounded, the hunt never stops!

Would you rather find an amazing geocache in an average location or an average geocache in an amazing location?

While a cool cache in a blah location can be really cool (Beaman Monster and Nine Lives in Oak Hill Cemetery, I’m looking at you), I tell strangers about La Casa De Asucar and Caprock Canyon and the windmills between Sterling City and Robert Lee. I talk about Piedras Negras and Nuevo Leon. As they say they say in the real estate game, location, location, location!

What one geocaching milestone are you most proud of?

I don’t know… You tell me?

What is your next geocaching goal?

Well, there are 3,142 counties or county equivalents in the United States, of which 3,141 contain geocaches (Kalawao County, I’ve got a idea for you…) and, though I’m not entirely updated with my travels, map, or writing at the moment, I have currently completed 10.6% of them…

Where is one place you have not gone geocaching and would like to someday?

The Hagia Sophia and L’Arbre du Tenere, which is technically (and actually) two places. The tragedy is that neither Turkey nor Niger are the safest places to go politically as an American these days. At this rate, I’m worried that soon Turkey may be cut off for the rest of my lifetime. And lastly…

Favorite geocaching memory?

There are a few, but I think Sanderson is the best one of all.

And that’s enough about me. I could issue a challenge to other bloggers or creators, but whatever… They’re grown adults and they can do as they choose. Meanwhile, I’ll get back to the point of all this and continue on, having reached…

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