186. Palestine, Anderson County

We’ve been through Pal-Es-TINE many times both directions, too.  Yes, the locals call it Pal-Es-TEEN, as does everybody surrounding them.  Yes, I use the same name as the alternate state for the Arabs of Israel.  Yes, I am that guy (not to be confused with That Guy).  I believe that all people are that way about something, good people usually about one or two small, relatively insignificant things, mean people about myriad big and wide ranging issues.  Well, that is one of mine.  

The first cache was a bust.  My younger daughter gave me a hand looking for it, but it was on the back of a field that needed a CITO or perhaps some weed whacking.  After 15 minutes, we decided that, despite the close proximity to the courthouse, the sun was was just too brutal for this.  So I picked a probable LPC on the edge of town and it turned out to be just that.  Both girls disembarked to grab the credit for this one.  Discussions were had and opinions taken.  It was decided that, with the lateness and heat of the day, this would probably be the last cache of the day and the trip.  Special dispensation was given to grab if we just happened to be going through a county seat anyway, but navigational deviations to new locations were no longer being done.  Our decision made, we headed on down the road, for home, knowing we would soon be in our own beds in our own city. Besides, I would be back soon enough

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