240. Fairfield, Freestone County

Again, another lovely courthouse. Will this be a trend for the day? One can hope, no? But you know what I DO know?

This cannon was captured from the Union and has pride of place here. Joy…

I found this interesting, though. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a monument to a Victory ship, much less one named after the county. I’d love to tell you an interesting story about its exploits, but Liberty Ships are hardly known for their combat prowess. It got a Battle Star so there’s that, I guess.

There’s always a cemetery. In the back in the bushes was a trackable hotel.

It had no trackables, though. I thought about leaving one, but I decided against it. Two of them are sticking with me, one shouldn’t have left the Austin area, and the last one has specific desires about movement that wouldn’t involve being out here in the middle of small town Texas. That and there was supposed to be one there. A little annoying when trackables disappear. It’s one of the reasons I tend to be religious about them. When someone puts one out into the world, there’s a lot of hope going out into the world. Having a number of trackables myself, it’s sad to see them die out. Remember my daughters’ trackables? One of them is shooting around Europe. The other was checked into an event in California in August and hasn’t been logged since. Sure, it had a good little trip (London, Hawaii, and back to the mainland), but somewhere it’s languishing in a room in some cacher’s home, possibly never to be seen again. And who knows how many little hopes will die that way? But that’s beyond my power to influence. I did what was required and returned to the road. I ended up passing an old locale on my way to…

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