241. Rusk, Cherokee County

Got a ticket on the way into town from a city cop because I didn’t see the sign dropping the speed to 55 mph. Considering how many miles I’ve driven, I’ve actually gotten a surprisingly small number of them so I count myself mostly lucky. The courthouse? Again, I like this beautiful beast. This bodes well, I think, especially as I descend towards the end of the Project.

As for the cache itself, it was a box hidden in a stump back in some woods off the road. The complication was that a) the coordinates were about 60 feet off, b) the cache’s namesake was no longer there and, of course, c) the second cop who pulled over to investigate a car on the side of the road. Since I had already grabbed the cache, I headed back to the car with it when I saw him pull up, knowing I would have to explain geocaching to him. So I did while I was signing the log. He even found it vaguely interesting and, after, once he had pulled off and gone back to his patrol, I returned the cache to its resting place. Unfortunately, the cop ended up being a giant distraction because I forgot to take the photo of the cache when I returned it. Hopefully, you can all forgive me for being rattled. Whether you do or not, I got back in the car and headed away from the reach of the Rusk Police Department as quickly as I could, flying down the road to…

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