239. Groesbeck, Limestone County

This is a lovely courthouse to see early in the morning, especially at the start of a long run. Absolutely majestic. I heartily approve of this building.

That said, there was a cache waiting right here for me! It’s lovely when someone leaves a cache at the courthouse. It saves me so much time and effort! A quick little nano hidden on one of the monuments… It was a little annoying, though, because I had to take off my coat to reach it. No big deal in the summer, but when it’s 40 degrees? Kinda sucks.

It didn’t occur to me until later that I forgot to keep a promise here. Fellow cacher, occasional reader, and #151 on the completion list of the Texas County Challenge, Jusb has a cache here. I told him that I was going to find his cache here, a simple 6 stage multi, for this county. Unfortunately, I forgot. I feel especially bad because I had the time, but it was cold and my memory was craptastic. My point here (and I do have one) is that I am a terrible buddy and I totally owe him a beer. That, however, is for another time (possibly at the TCC Finisher’s Event?). I had to get moving. It was a laid back day, but I still needed to get going down the road to…

5 thoughts on “239. Groesbeck, Limestone County

  1. Well next time you are in Groesbeck you can get it. Also my multi in Clay County. And my multi in Hill County. By the way-I am a frequent reader and occasional commenter.
    See you at a finisher’s event. Not this year though, as we are planning a trip to San Diego for Spring Break.


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