238. Waxahachie, Ellis County

I had heard interesting things about this courthouse and, in my humble opinion, it lives up to them.  This old lady is quite a specimen.  As for the town itself, it seems like there is a funky little undercurrent, but it’s trying too hard to be cool.  It feels like if it could be itself it would be interesting, but it’s pushing itself instead of letting itself develop.  Then again, what do I know about anything?

I saw these two art hearts and another five around the area.  Apparently, they’re part of a trail of art of some kind.  And that mural?  OK.  That’s pretty epic.  Credit where credit is due.

The cache was a virtual at a park bridge.  The interesting stuff was the dude parked behind me.  He was just sitting in his truck, looking skeevy.  At first, I thought he was waiting there for a drug deal or something, but it turned out he was waiting to do a child trade-off with (I assume) his ex-wife.  That said, he was the most intimidatingly suspicious person I’ve ever seen sitting doing nothing out of the ordinary.  But that is a mystery meant for the tableaus of Ellis County.  My work was done and I, my mission accomplished, headed back to the cradle of my home, nursing and bending a metaphor that no longer had any point.  Home was the best destination of all.  Well, at least until I went to…

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