237. Cleburne, Johnson County

Alright, I’m impressed.  I don’t know who put this one together, but I think they did an excellent job. 

A little too much Confederate crap for my tastes, but then again that’s to be expected at this point, no?  The square had the slightest dash of hipster, but only the lightest sprinkling thereof.  We’re well far away from South Portland at this point, so the influence is waning.  I also entertained a call from some fellow cachers.  The were looking for a hide of mine and were momentarily stuck, primarily because I made a typo on the coordinates and put them well away from the GZ.  While their geosenses got them to the right place, one final nudge was required.  And yes, I have fixed the coordinate issue at this point. 

The cache was here at this burger bar; an electrical plate hidden on the side of an electrical box and such.  Simple and to the point for my next to last county of the day.  I jumped back in the car and got rolling again, descending towards my final destination…

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