427. Sheridan, Grant County (AR32)

One final freebie. I saw I was going to be passing through Sheridan, and since I was already there… As a sidenote, I can’t stand all the holiday themed crap at courthouses. It always looks kitschy and boring, like something that someone might have bought at the local resale shop to throw up (no pun intended) and it’s never really clever or interesting. Is it possible that I’ve just been to the wrong courthouses and seen the wrong displays? I guess, but I have trouble believing it. The other part is that, in the case of Christmas crap, it has a lingering effect on what I publish. Here it is, late January 2021, and I’m still showing photographs of Christmas lights! Which is especially funny because I took all these Thanksgiving weekend! At least this will be the final one.

There’s always a cemetery. Especially when it’s rainy and crappy outside.

The cache turned out to be some kind of animal type thing. It looks as if it had been hanging somewhere, but I didn’t see any string or line or anything, and Mother Earth had impressed her gravity upon it. What more could I really do? I signed it and returned it to the same spot on the ground. Once my work here was done, I mounted back up and continues eastward to keep an appointment. What would be so important to pull me from the road? I made it to Longview in time to surprise my younger daughter at a family birthday lunch. And I could look her in the eye and honestly say that I had driven 750 miles, from Indiana to Texas, to be with her that day.

Another 250 miles later, I was home. I would rest. I would write. I would cache. Christmas and the New Year would pass. Austin would see snow. I would also plan and prepare. This great trip would eventually finish. A new one would have to follow, no? I wanted to stay south because it would be warmer. But where? Not Arizona because it was still a Covid infested dystopian nightmare. Not Louisiana because the places I needed to go were also terribly Covid infested. I seriously considered Mississippi, but the political climate in the country, between insurrection and inauguration, made that ultimately inadvisable. I ultimately opted for the shortest drive to a new starting point. Looking north, risking a slight possibility of snow, I drove through the appropriate evening. I would be lucky enough to grab an FTF outside of Cleburne for my daily cache, but would eventually arrive, late in the night, on the other side of the Oklahoma border in…

One thought on “427. Sheridan, Grant County (AR32)

  1. Here in the north, Christmas decorations get frozen in place and usually end up coming down in March or sometimes even April, depending on how the year goes. This year has been a mild one but our lights are still on the house.


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