428. Duncan, Stephens County (OK22)

We have one of these back in Texas! The trip up was good and had a couple of minorly good portents, both the FTF in Johnson County and finding the missing portable battery I’d been looking for for so long that I had actually replaced it. The courthouse was a courthouse, neither good nor bad. For some reason I couldn’t figure out, it reminded me of Odessa even though the courthouses are nothing alike. If I scrolled through the archives, I’m sure I could find something more similar to this concrete thing. In the end, it merely is what it is. This is also the birthplace of Halliburton. While I find that vaguely interesting, I don’t know how I feel about that.

This, however, is without a doubt the worst cache photo I’ve ever taken! I snagged an LPC at a truck stop and, while you can sort of make out the trucks, I thought I was taking a photo of the cache itself (note the pill bottle in the lower left corner) so I honestly have no idea how this happened. Doesn’t really matter, though. A cache is a cache is a cache, no matter how badly I end up documenting it. And, of course, as I was driving out of the county, I realized that there was a virtual I wanted to pick up while I was in the area and I completely forgot. This is an perfect example of my brain getting old. Don’t let this happen to you, kids! Or actually, let this happen to you because the alternative is far less interesting. Forgetting virtuals would be a recurring theme, but I didn’t know that yet as the adventure was fresh and new, barreling onward to reach the next courthouse in…

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