98. Odessa, Ector County

I spent the night in Odessa. Ended up getting a room at a chain hotel that was a bit more than I really wanted to pay and was a bit more spacious than I needed. I sometimes wish that coffin capsule hotels were more of a thing in the States. One of those and a place to lock up my bag would be more than enough on trips like this. Heck, I’m even beginning to consider using SUVs where I can just put an air mattress in the back, but that’s a thought for another time. I slept, had a lovely breakfast of Texas shaped waffles, and then got going. This being a sizable urban area, I had my choice of caches to choose from, but I ended up going with the closest one to the courthouse.

It was at a little urban park, filled with statues of kids playing and interesting, pseudo-Spanish architectural features. The cache itself wasn’t hard, a bison tube in a sign pole. The hard part was finding the correct sign pole. But it happened soon enough. In fact, it was so soon that I actually got on the road before the sun was entirely up.

There are a lot of jokes thrown around Texas at Odessa’s expense, especially about it being low class and maybe a bit crusty in comparison to other cities, especially it’s main neighbor, but in the short time I was here, I found it to be a slightly colorful, visually interesting city that looks like it’s got some things going on under the surface. I get the feeling that something cool is happening here and, if I were younger, I think I could spend some time here and have a bit of fun. But not today. I started off down the road to my next destination, the sister city usually spoken of in the same breath, and I quickly arrived in…

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