234. Gainesville, Cooke County

This seems like a hip, little happening town, like there’s some stuff going on here like in Ballinger or maybe Odessa?  No doubt Gainesville’s proximity to Dallas has a little to do with it.  It’s only a little over an hour away from downtown so it’s probably almost a suburb at this point.  Of course, it’s not really that urbane because, it being Sunday, a lot of things were closed. 

My first cache attempt was a DNF and maintenance report.  It most certainly wasn’t there.  The second and successful attempt was an LPC at a Chili’s which I didn’t photograph because, seriously, who needs to see a picture of Chili’s?  I also grabbed a virtual at the memorial pictured above.  Much more photogenic.  Besides, older caches for the win?  Maybe it filled a Jasmer hole, maybe it didn’t?  Doesn’t matter.  I rolled south, down my least favorite (and, of course, hometown) highway I-35 and pulled off in…

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