235. Denton, Denton County

This one is interestingly complicated because it’s full of memories. On one hand, this has a fond memory because it’s the courthouse in the original Benji and my daughters and I love that movie (other scenes we filmed in McKinney, which I have yet to visit). On the other hand, long before the girls were in the picture, when I was a teenager, I was in love with a girl who lived here. Her dad owned a comic shop about a block off the square here so she and I walked by here many times. Of course, it didn’t work out for many reasons: we were young, I lived 225 miles away, she wasn’t as interested in me as I was in her, all the usual reasons… Consequently, I haven’t been back here in almost thirty years.

In that thirty years, this place has changed from a sleepy little college town to Portland South.  I knew the music scene blew up here, but I had no idea!  This square is the most hipster place I think I’ve ever seen, and I’m from the People’s Republic of Austin (considered by some to be the first stop on the Hipster Migratory Trail [AUS > PDX > YVR]), so I think that’s saying something.  It is possible to be astonished, and at the same time, not surprised? 

Of course, there was the obligatory Confederate monument. I almost don’t even mention them anymore, seeing how they are so ubiquitous. This one, on the other hand gets special mention, not because of itself, but because…

Good form, Denton County. Good form.

I opted for something a little different for this one. There’s an earthcache at the courthouse! That seems like a good addition to my list of finds which is, coincidentally, a bunch of traditionals, a bunch of virtuals, a handful of multis, three unknowns, a webcam, a Mega, and now an earthcache! I should slip in a letterbox before I’m done. The earthcache went a little more quickly than expected and I’ve been running ahead of schedule all day, thanks to the night courthouses I was able to get. I thought about it long and hard. For a minute, I seriously considered calling an audible and continuing east for the possibility of knocking out four extra counties I hadn’t originally planned on. It was possible. I decided not to. I was going to continue on to my last planned cache of the day, BUT there were two counties not far off the way home that I could knock out. That would be the plan. No need to over extend myself today. I bid the color and life of Denton adieu and went off to my next (and original final) destination…

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