236. Decatur, Wise County

So, imagine if all the parents of the kids going to school in Denton went for a visit, liked the coffee shops and the interesting stores, came back, and decided we want all that fun stuff, but let’s not go overboard with it?  That’s totally Decatur.  We’ve seen similar examples of this courthouse (looking at you, Sulfur Springs, New Braunfels, and a few more I’m not thinking of at the moment) all over the place so there’s that. 

To be fair, I thought this was pretty cool…

The cache itself was at another war memorial. Well, it’s less a memorial and more a park/stage/lectern. But it had a cache, and that’s the important thing. Mission accomplished, I got to moving again, being guided back down I-35, closer to home, until I was given direction to break right so I could make my way to…

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