8. New Braunfels, Comal County


So I threw my kids in the car this morning and we made a trip.  I realized a while ago that if I’m going to make this project work I was going to have to get things in gear.  I can’t just go to one or two counties and just go around and get a bunch of caches every time.  With 254 counties, that’s 2 and a half years assuming I get out every weekend (which is unrealistic because I’m only going out to West Texas and/or the Panhandle once).  So this morning I focused and got some old business done.  As I mentioned before, I backfilled some counties I hadn’t been to the seats of.  So here it is…


I wish I could say it was exciting.  It was one of those zombie caches I mentioned much, much earlier: a photo canister in the roots of a tree that had 5 years of logs crumpled up and stuffed in it.  But the owner placed it in honor of their mother’s 80th birthday in a nice little little park that was also the center of a boulevard.  This photo isn’t the park.  It’s the town square.  That’s confusing now that I look back at it.


No obvious Confederate symbolism or sympathies (other than the seemingly obligatory memorial for the dead).  No questionable run-ins with locals (other than the guy walking his dog who made a point of pulling out his headphones to say hello to the girls and I) or cops.  I’ll call it a win.  And then back in the car to…

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