179. Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County

It’s almost like I’ve seen a courthouse like this one before…  I certainly didn’t expect the stage to be there on the courthouse square, but I will admit that their monument collection is quite robust.  I also have to say their muggle quotient was quite high, especially from older couples admiring all the monuments.  That made things more difficult because there was a cache right here on the square.  

At first I thought it was hidden in the rocks in the waterfall fountain wall, which would have been totally worth a favorite, but alas no.  I finally figured out that it was in flagpole skirt, but I lifted it to find two strips of velcro and nothing else.  A few messages back and forth with the owner confirmed what I already knew: someone had walked off with the cache.  Bunch of savages in this town!  So went off again to a nearby old train station.  I started tromping around in the field next to it, poking in the tall grass, not finding anything of use until…  

Is that a water fixture of some kind?  That can’t be a coincidence.

Boom!  That one was pretty well hidden!  I liked it enough to give it one of my stingily hoarded favorites!  And then, like a flash, I was gone and on the way to…

9 thoughts on “179. Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County

  1. I was going to ask about the restroom too! If only for that, it’s worth a photo and a giggle and I dare you to use it. It’s unsettling. πŸ™‚


      1. There are two glass cubed on the square. They are restrooms. Go inside and you see all around outside while you do your duty. Its a very weird experience. I’m surprised you didn’t see them.


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