178. Cooper, Delta County

A little different, but I like it, even if it is tiny.  There was also a bit more activity about than I had expected.  About a block over there was some kind of street faire/farmer’s market going on so there was more foot and car traffic that what I would assume to be normal.  It strikes me as a small enough town that Saturdays must be pretty sedate, unlike the frivolity I saw.  The nearest cache was in the middle of all that so that was a nope.  

I went the opposite direction and arrived at the Delta County Museum.  Stuck in the wall, between wood and cement (and a small patch of spiders) was a match holder with a log.  This cache represented passing the Project’s 70% mark.  If you had told me a year ago that I would have gotten this far, I’m not sure I would believed you, but at this point, I’m no longer climbing, I’m counting down.  I signed and returned, shooing off returning spiders, then got back to rolling.  The great thing about small counties is that you’re in the next one quickly.  Thirty minutes later I was pulling into…

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