183. Pittsburg, Camp County

Better.  Much better… 

Man!  That’s a huge memorial for such a small town!  Seriously.  Sure, Sulphur Springs had their entire square, but this may be the biggest memorial to courthouse size I’ve seen thus far.  Well, maybe.  Having a jet on your courthouse grounds definitely put you in the running for that honor, but that’s not important right now.  

What is the Ezekiel Airship?  Basically, a minister hired some workmen to help him build a heavier-than-airship of his own devising after being inspired by some verses in Ezekiel.  Supposedly it flew 160 ft during a test on a Sunday in 1902, beating the Wright Brothers by a year for the mantle of first heavier than air flight.  Of course, there were no primary sources to back up the claim, only testimony of men who said they saw it but had no other proof than their own testimonies.  In the 1980’s, a replica of the ship was made from the only existing photograph of it, and the consensus is that it could possibly fly if it only weighed the claimed 400 lbs. of the original, and not the actual 2000 lbs. of the current version.  Ironically, the location of the original workshop (where we are now) is some sort of gas (as in helium and natural) distribution company.  I gave a positive SALTS (Smiled A Little Then Stopped), and then did the needful with the cache before getting back on the road, headed for my last destination of the day…

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