182. Daingerfield, Morris County

Sad, sad, sad.  Not as sad as Rockport (it’s got an excuse), but definitely sadder than Van Horn.  It’s like a prefab storage building that someone threw up and then decided to make it a courthouse.  Sure, small counties have to make due with what they can afford, but sad, sad, sad.

The cache was also not very exciting, but that was a plus. A good old LPC at a Fred’s. Boring, but simple and at this point, I was fixated on getting done for the day. Funny thing, but when I usually do this, I know I’m going to be away from everybody I know for a weekend or however long I’m going to be gone and I don’t think about it much. However, knowing I was heading back to the girls at the end of this, I was more driven to get done and back. That was an interesting emotion I didn’t expect to have, but have it I did. I photographed Fred’s because that’s much, much more exciting than the last two locations and sped off. Two more to go, I jumped back on a different highway and went until I arrived in…

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