48. Van Horn, Culberson County

This courthouse, on the other hand, just makes me sad. There is no art to it. There is no (for lack of a better term) majesty to it. This is not the place where the important matters of the county are debated, judged, and resolved. This is a building where bureaucrats broker, plod, and process the paperwork and grist of the gears of government. The previous sentence was supposed to demonstrate the sadness and banality, but I got caught up in the alliterative possibilities (how meta). My point here (and I do have one) is that the building was boring and the gas prices were higher than an elephant’s eye. But that’s not the real point of all this…

Everywhere has a cemetery. All of them have caches. Even more of them are a micro in a tree. This one was no exception. There was a tree. It had a micro. I believe the individual tree is obscured by the sign, but it is there. I promise. I have noticed, however, that the regular beauty and sacredness of a cemetery tends to fall by the wayside when I’m hitting tons of caches and/or cemeteries at the same time. That, and the caching in tiny towns in West Texas (or probably anywhere for that matter) tends to be really simple and basic unless there’s someone in the town who is rally avid and willing to make quality hides. And there’s just not many to be had at all. There are four caches in and one more around (within 15 miles of) Van Horn in total. One takes what one can get.

But it’s growing. There is construction and more people might change some of that. But I don’t have time to wait for it. I headed on down the road again until I landed in…

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