270. Vidalia, Concordia Parish (LA16)

I can only imagine the conversations that went into designing this…disappointing horror of a courthouse. Built in 1978-9, it obviously does the job, but I am not at all pleased by it. What I wouldn’t find out until later is that the previous courthouse is now the Vidalia branch of the Concordia Parish Library, built in 1939 in an art deco style. Had I known that, I might have skipped this one and gone for the old one. OK, no I wouldn’t. The precedent is already established that the current one is the official one for these purposes. But when I see these architectural nightmares from the 1970’s, I want to sit upon the lawn and weep. But I don’t because I remember at times like that that I’ve seen far, far worse.

The cache turned out to be a preform off a back road that should have been stuck in a crack in a tree. I originally went for one that was probably at the foot of a billboard, but pretty much required walking through a miniature swamp over grown with plants. Then I tried for one at a flag pole filled war memorial, but it seemed to have been muggled. So I took one of those sketchy looking side roads that you never want to find yourself on in the middle of nowhere in a place you’re not from (Seriously! It had potholes bigger than the car’s tires!). The sketchy road led to a sketchy tree which contained a cache. Unfortunately, it also contained a bunch of sketchy mosquitoes. I made the claim, but they just would not leave me alone. The worst was the one that got in the car. I couldn’t get it out and ended up getting it out back home in Austin! GAAAAHHHH! More uncharacteristically, I ended up getting this cache on my way back through the parish. Where did I go between the courthouse and the cache? Well, that would be…

2 thoughts on “270. Vidalia, Concordia Parish (LA16)

  1. Lucky it was a preform. I had one this weekend that was a glass cigar tube that someone broke and put back. When I reached in the guardrail it drew blood. I let the cache owner know and I would have replaced it but all I had were bisons with me.


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