We Interrupt Our Current Narrative…

A year ago, a geocaching luminary, Mr. Memfis Mafia, told me “[Y]ou are on quite a roll. Now you have to top it for the next 365 days.” Have I? Let’s see.

Four days ago was my second geoversary. I have been caching for two years now. On top of that, yesterday was was day 730 of my streak. Every single day for two years now in spite of the time of cholera. And in that last year, I have managed to pick up two more Mexican states, a county in Oklahoma, a county in Arkansas, two counties in Mississippi, forty-three parishes in Louisiana, and, of course, the final ninety-two Texas counties required to complete the Texas County Challenge, for a grand total of 139 counties (or county equivalents).

Add to that leading a team competing in another Texas Challenge and managing to get myself elected to the board of the Texas Geocaching Association (though, to be fair, I haven’t done all that much considering a global pandemic dropped in immediately after). And somewhere in all that, I managed to write a few words about things and stuff.

I think I’ve done alright, even though my planned forays to Oklahoma, Washington, and Canada, along with other planned projects, have been cancelled for this year. And I may or may not have to lock down again thanks to rising Covid numbers again. But I’ll keep on keeping on as long as I can. And if I stumble, I’ll get back up again. So let’s see how my third year of geocaching treats me.

And I should get back to editing the book. But I’m too busy going to places like…

5 thoughts on “We Interrupt Our Current Narrative…

  1. I have met and talked with you at various events. I enjoyed reading and listening to you talk about your geocaching adventures at all the Texas county courthouses. Its get to see where our geocaching journeys take us. Well done sir! Cheers to you!


  2. Well done Sir. You have indeed outdone yourself. At this point I will not be shocked but I am curious to see what lies ahead for you. I say that we should find a way to go geocaching together despite whatever pandemic or murder hornets or vampire birds lies ahead.

    Congrats and happy caching. Let me know when we can plan a trip.


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