We Interrupt Our Current Narrative…

Three days ago was the one year anniversary of finding my first cache (or as those in the lifestyle call it, my geoversary). That in and of itself is worthy of note, but I said nothing because a) I already had an entry for that day and b) I was saving it for this. As of 15 minutes ago, I have logged my 1000th cache! I’d been saving a special one for this. Number 1000 is the Permian Basin County Challenge. Not only have I hit all twenty counties comprising the challenge (now you see why New Mexico), but this cache is my first 5.0/5.0! Oh, and I especially wanted to claim it today because this is day 365 of my finding streak!

So what have I accomplished in the last year? Well, there’s 162 counties in Texas, two counties in New Mexico, and two states in Mexico, there’s regional and national geocaching conventions, lots of individually interesting locations and caches (some of which I haven’t even written about yet), and eventually, once I’m done with the last of my 254 counties, I think there’s going to be a book. Because I’ve written more than enough words for one and I’ve still got 92 more counties to go! But until then, I should tell you about when I arrive in…

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