We Interrupt Our Current Narrative…

Holy crap. Last year at this time, I had most of Louisiana and a county in Mississippi. Since then I’ve gotten one more parish in Louisiana and, well, see for yourself…

A couple of days ago was my third geoversary. I had no inkling that I would even be doing this for three years. Just as importantly, today is Day 1,096 of my streak, meaning I have logged a cache every day for three years straight (leap days can complicate such things a little). Noting that as far as I’m concerned an official county claim requires both a cache and a courthouse, I have found a parish in Louisiana, a county in Tennessee, a county in Colorado, 2 each in Indiana and Nebraska, 3 in Missouri, 4 in Kentucky, 5 in Mississippi, 8 in Illinois, 43 in Arkansas, 49 in Kansas (how?), all 33 counties of New Mexico, and all 77 counties of Oklahoma, for a total of 229 counties (or county equivalents) in 13 states.

Add to that a return to Geocache Talk, a geocaching episode for DadLine, getting interviewed by Groundspeak along with writing an article for them, leading the Central Team for another Texas Challenge, and another year repping Central Texas for the TXGA. I didn’t know how I could possibly top last year. Well, I did in spades (and notrump [shout out to bridge players]). And how could I possibly top this past year? Who knows? One day I might actually slow down and get some time to work on that book I claim I’m working on! But right now I’m too busy going to places like…

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