513. Larned, Pawnee County (KS035)

Leslie Knope would approve. While I’m keeping the Parks And Recreation references down to a minimum, especially since the entire thing doesn’t entirely correlate, they will pop out on occasion. Is this an example of Palladian architecture? This certainly looks like an attempt to emulate classical form and symmetry without being too hung up on the specifics of it. At the time I noted that Architecture For Dummies should be on the table, but I have since made a trip to my local library for a couple of books on the subject. Of course, being general, they may be a little too broad for my needs (do I really need to know about Pietism or Shintoism as architectural styles for American courthouses?) but I may have trouble finding or even understanding something more specific. Especially, to be honest, architecture isn’t exactly a special interest of mine. Maybe when I eventually get that intern/research assistant, I’ll look for someone with an architectural background who can cover those facets for me.

The cache was a silver bison on a telephone pole at a historical marker. I didn’t photograph the marker both because it was raining and because I thought that neither I nor any of you, my loyal readers, would be interested in the invention of farm credit. At least I’m not, which is saying something because I consider all things trivial to be my domain. But this subject? Nah, I couldn’t care less. Besides, I was tired of being rained on. I got back in the car and turned up the heat in an attempt to encourage a little bit of drying as I proceeded to…

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