512. Kinsley, Edwards County (KS034)

I ended up stopping here for the night to get some sleep (without the obligatory “We’ve got one of those!” that I now insert here). I am informed by some reliable sources that sleep is actually a useful and ultimately productive thing. Of course, since I’m on the road, I woke up at some crazy hour of the morning. And, of course, it immediately began to rain. There was enough of a break in the rain to get a passable shot though. Just enough light for me to see something, not enough for something great. Otherwise, I don’t have any commentary on the courthouse other than the fact that it’s reasonably adequate for the middle of Kansas in the middle of the night.

The cache turned out to be a nano hidden under a picnic table at a park. Luckily it was easily found and signed. As you can imagine, I really didn’t feel like hunting for a nano in the rain at three in the morning. If this had taken more than a few moments, I would have happily shot off for another cache (which I also wouldn’t have been happy about because I would have been looking for it in the rain at three in the morning, but it hopefully would not have been a nano). Either way, I did what I needed to do and stretched the tiredness from my muscles (not really because it was raining and I wasn’t going outside for a good stretch at that moment) before setting off refreshed and alert to tackle the next cache in…

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