67. Rocksprings, Edwards County

I was up at 3AM, on the road by 330, and pulled into town a little before sunrise. I walked. I photographed. I yawned. Good times… It was totally the GOAT!

NO, not the Greatest Of All Time. I mean an actual goat. That said, I was reminded of the way that the cosmopolitan world is reaching out to and leeching into small towns like this. This same square had a hundred year old hotel and bank sitting right along with a Thai restaurant and a Dollar General. The rural is gently acclimating to urban pleasures and delights whether they like it or not. It’s all too connected to resist. I guess ultimately, that has been destined ever since coal replaced wood as the heating fuel of the home, but that’s a different line of thought all together.

For my first cache, of course there had to be a cemetery… It was simple enough, a little tube with a magnet inside the gate. It wasn’t open yet so I trespassed. I grabbed it as light was coming up. It had been raining and foggy on the way here, at times almost terrifying with how far I couldn’t see. At least now I could see the fog I couldn’t see through. I mounted up and, after a bit of waffling (ummmmm, waffles…) over which direction to go, I went back the way I came and around to get to…

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