511. Jetmore, Hodgeman County (KS033)

This I like! Remember I was talking about how Lakin looked? Well, when I was here, I thought the two were the spitting images of one another. Looking back at the crappy photo though, I realized that I was so wrong. So this is the spitting image of another courthouse, but I can not for the life of me figure out which one. I could, of course, pore through the archive and try to figure it out, but that smacks of effort. That and, more seriously, I still have quite a bit of writing to do. When I take longer trips like this, I usually come back with weeks of writing to do, assuming of course I only have these entries to write. When you read this, I will have been back from Kansas and Oklahoma for three weeks, and I’m only about halfway done with these entries. And I still have other upcoming entries not related directly to this trip to write and I’ve got things outside of the site to write, too! I’m swamped!

Having played more than a healthy amount of World of Tanks, I couldn’t pass these old warriors up. Or the cache there hidden.

As the cache description so aptly stated, the cache was actually quite cleverly hidden, easy to grab but hard to spot. As the sun went down, I looked. It wasn’t that terribly hard, but against all that green with the light dying, it was just enough of a challenge. Bested the challenge was and I did what was required before returning it to its hiding spot. With that, I bid these machines of war adieu, moving as they can no longer, to come to rest in…

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