510. Ness City, Ness County (KS032)

What a stately dame of a courthouse! I think it’s excellent and I have an unexpected fondness for it. I can’t even entirely articulate why, either. I just do. But you know what I also like for reasons I can happily explain? Monuments to the Union!

Meet Corporal Noah Ness, namesake of Ness County. It’s always nice to see a soldier with a kepi instead of a round brimmed hat. It gives me faith that some people don’t want to cling to relics of the country’s crappy past. Yeah. I said it. But that’s secondary to my point of being here (well, actually, tertiary, but I’m already at the courthouse)…

There’s always a cemetery. I was a little disappointed with this cache, though. It was supposed to be an ammo can hidden in a tree. However, after focusing on the description and the logs and updates, it was changed out for a smaller ammo can, and then later to a pill bottle in a completely different tree with completely different coordinates. Luckily, all this was spelled out and wasn’t difficult to divine, but if it had been any more complex than that, it would have created a problem out there in the end of beyond. The county is especially cache poor. There are only six in the entire county and I didn’t look forward to the idea of having to port myself all over creation out here at this time of day to find another one. But I didn’t have to. I had one, no matter how disappointing it might have been so I could continue on, hoping I would find a better one in…

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