509. WaKeeny, Trego County (KS031)

Hmmm… This was a look, this neo-old school rock hewn brick thing. I was pleasantly surprised by it, but at the same time it felt like it was built by a committee. I imagine they needed a courthouse, so they called a subdivision builder to make it happen. They chose options to be added to the courthouse, and then had it built to order. I almost imagined there would be a pool out back for community use. I don’t know if D.R. Horton has ever considered the courthouse building game, but I imagine there’s a bit of money to be made there. It would probably be too infrequent for their tastes, though. They’ll probably just stick to residential development.

Letterboxes don’t get enough love from me when I’m out on the road and they should. They do tend to be a little more interesting than the average traditional, a little easier to find (they do have to be big enough for their stamp), and are usually in slightly better shape because of their rarity and the unlikelihood of most cachers (especially newer ones) to go for them. I guess this is a good time to advocate to everyone to show a little more attention to them, but that’s a sidenote. My point here (and I do have one) is when I was rolling towards town and saw one at the local historical museum, I had to stop for it.

I navigated a garden of farm equipment and big iron machinery to find a little birdhouse sitting among them, bolted shut. A flip and an open and there it was! Another open and flip and a log was in my hand. My metaphorical quill was placed to the page and voila! I was done! A few more minutes and I was back on the road again, bound for the courthouse. On a certain level, I feel a little bad. I ended up skipping one of the most favorited caches in the county, a couple of blocks of the courthouse, hidden in a perpetual winter village park. But I had found what I needed and I needed nothing further. I’m not in the habit of finding a ton of caches in a county once I’ve done what I needed to do. Of course, I shall put paid to that statement once I am further down the road, but not before I cache in…

One thought on “509. WaKeeny, Trego County (KS031)

  1. My thoughts exactly line up with yours on that pre-fab looking courthouse. Too hot to spend time caching here in FL now. I enjoy your daily posts. Cache on, sir!


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