We Interrupt Our Current Narrative…

Last year at this time, I had completed three states. As of this moment, I have completed six more states and half of two more. I’ve also added five more states to my tally.

A couple of days ago was my fourth geoversary. One one level, it bowls me over that I’ve been doing this for four years. From a different perspective (if you don’t mind mixed metaphors), I’m amazed that I’ve only been doing this for four years. Just as importantly, yesterday was Day 1460 of my streak, meaning I have logged a cache every day for four years straight! Noting that, as far as I’m concerned, an official county claim requires both a cache and a courthouse: I have found a county in Wyoming, a county in Nevada, three counties in South Dakota, six each in Arizona and Iowa, eighteen in Missouri, twenty-five in Nebraska, thirty-two in Colorado, and all the remaining counties in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kansas (thirty-two, twenty, and fifty-six respectively), for a total of two hundred counties (or county equivalents) in eleven states.

Add to all that being elected to another term as the Central Texas Rep for the TXGA, leading Team CenTex at Texas Challenge for another year, being interviewed again by Groundspeak, and then, of course, the entire NPR thing… Every year I think that I can’t top what I did in the last 365 days, and thus far, I have managed every single time!

That said, there will be one minor change this year. I think I’m not going to continue my streak. It’s been four years, and that’s a pretty good run (though it’s not even close to the longest active streak in Texas, the holder of which just celebrated ten years!). I’m not going to drop it intentionally, though. I will keep logging a cache daily until I run out of challenges and don’t feel like going out to get one. Of course, with my desire to continue generating content for my reading public, I might actually make it to my fifth year or even beyond, though I have trouble believing that. Whether or not the streak continues, I will still keep going. I have a project to complete, no matter how long it takes! And then there’s that book I claim to be working on! I have too much to do to just stop! Besides, I have to keep going to places like…

8 thoughts on “We Interrupt Our Current Narrative…

  1. I learned about another way to log a cache on a day when life has other plans for you: non-sequential Adventure Lab stops. So long as your device triggers the geofencing and you know the answer, you can log it any old time. I keep a list of such answers in the Notes app on my phone for such days. I don’t care for streaking myself, but I’m working to fill my find calendar and sometimes this is the only way it happens.


  2. Hello from Austria! Your map looks just amazing! Congratulations on this! – Of course I ended up here as a result of reading the HQ’s feature about you. Well done – Keep walking!


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