550. Cheyenne, Laramie County (WY01)

Oh, Wyoming!

I have literally never set foot in the state of Wyoming before so this was a new one for me. The courthouse threw me for a minute, being titled the “City and County Building.” A little bit of quick research told me that the county clerk is based out of there. That is pretty much good enough for me. Also, there is a governmental building attached to it as an extension to it which both Google and I mistook for the courthouse, but I have no intention of making the same mistake of Albuquerque. And, of course, since I was only half a mile away, I figured what the heck…

…I might as well check out the Capitol. Not bad. Not as big as ours. Or as cool as ours. But not bad. As interesting as this all was, this was secondary. I had been to the courthouse, and now I needed a cache. That said, there was something very important about Cheyenne that I managed to remember: it has a Webcam!

Ladies and gentlemen (or however you identify.  I don’t mean to be gender assumptive), I give you my official find for Laramie County, the Cheyenne Webcam Virtual Cache. See that white building in the lower right hand quadrant? Out there on the sidewalk, in front of Blue Cross/Blue Shield in a blue shirt, stands yours truly. Yes, the photo quality is crap, below even my own dubious standards, but it’s the only jib I’ve got. I thought about going to find another cache just to be sure, but I checked the Wyoming County Challenge (it’s actually called Cache Across Wyoming, but I’m not going to quibble over little things such as names), all that’s required is at least one cache in each county with no type restrictions so I’m good! It looks like Wyoming is finally under way! Just that would be crazy enough, but even though I got a webcam, a souvenir, and a new state capital out of the deal, this wasn’t even the big show of the day. I was going to be spending the night with friends, friends so close that seeing them was worth giving up valuable caching time on the road. And I knew I would get to see them soon, once I had made it and completed my caching business in…

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