Like Sands Through The Hourglass

Time is running out.  In about thirty-six hours, barring some catastrophe I don’t particularly want to contemplate, I will be touching down in the Land of Apples and Evergreens.  The itinerary is set, and the routes and milestones are determined.  Some of the caches have already been chosen, though I have no doubt that a few audibles will be called over the course of travel (he said, sporting a mischievous grin).  I will be writing on the road (metaphorically, not literally), so I will adhere to my publishing schedule, and you will have entries for all the time I’m traveling. 

Several of the caches that have been chosen will be pretty obvious and predictable. Only my air of manufactured mystery prevents me from naming some of them. Others, I hope, will be more surprising. Washington’s County Challenge has an interesting requirement that slightly changes my normal cache choices: all caches must be physical AND small or larger. No Virtuals, EarthCaches, Webcams, or Events for me. Well, at least not for the challenge, anyway. I can assure you that Virtuals, EarthCaches, Webcams, and Events (regular or otherwise) shall be had. I’ve done a little math, and I should be coming back with twelve new souvenirs, so watch this space.

My talk is pretty much done.  I want to rehearse it a little more, but I can fill half an hour with it.  I know some of it will be streamed via the Ticks and the Tocks, but I don’t know if it will be recorded.  If it is, I will try to hook that up for you all, but I’m far more electrifying and captivating in person, so come see me if you can!  Or not.  I’m not the boss of you. 

I hope to see you there.  And if I don’t, well, I’ll tell you all about it!

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