Yes I “Van”!

So we had a visitor to our capital city. CanUSeeIt came down from the wilds of upstate New York (out Rochester way, not unfashionable Small-bany) and kindly held an event here in Austin!

It was a small gathering that was minorly hampered by a) my terrible low light photography skills and b) the guy with the headphones who has nothing to do with us who is desperately trying to block us out. But eventually he left (possibly fed up with the distraction of us, but that’s his muggle problem). The most important thing is that we had good beer, good discussion, and lots of laughs. And the next most important thing was that we got to see the van itself…

It’s pretty freaking awesome. VanDoIt makes conversions for any number of purposes and they rigged this one out with a bed (actually, two!), a hot water system, wastewater, and a bunch of other camping/traveling coolness for making those trips from here to wherever. It’s a pretty epic vehicle. It’s like the geo-mobile that I never knew I wanted. So, anybody want to give me $50+K to get one of these? If you do, I will happily cache any state you choose! Ok, I cede that that’s not likely. But you know what? I did get a get a personal tour which means I got a pathtag! I’ll call that a win!

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