So, Where To Now?

So, I’ve completed the Project. I’ve been to every county and signed the Texas County Challenge. So what do I do now? Where do I go from here?

Well, first of all, there’s the Texas Challenge. Not only will it be my second time at the Challenge, but I’m leading Team CenTex this year. <trashtalk> And, I assure you, we will send those other teams home with their tails between their legs! </trashtalk>

In addition, I’ve already making preliminary plans to go to Mingo Madness. At this point, I’m just trying to decide if I’m going to fly to Denver and drive a few hours over or if I’m going to drive all the way up. I’m leaning toward flying because, oddly enough, I’ll probably visit more counties that way.

Counties? Well, as I’ve said before, there are 3142 counties or county equivalents in the United States. And a completed Texas represented just over 8% of that total. Is there any reason I should stop now? So in that spirit…

…Oklahoma has 77 counties and I’ve already made preliminary preparation for my first trip. In a month and a half, there will be more counties to tell you about! I may or may not have to revamp my numbering system. The original was meant for Texas alone. Maybe I’ll start from zero and start counting up from there. Maybe I’ll just keep going up from 254. Possibly, even both. I’m definitely not stressing about it, though. I’ve got some time to decide. And first I have a golden ammo can to win for Central Texas!

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