Take This Job And Stuff It!

As you all know, the Texas Challenge is soon to be upon us. Cachers from all over the country will be descending upon Round Rock for events, caches, and competition! A lot of local folks are working or volunteering for the Challenge so they can’t compete. Many of us aren’t so we’ve got ourselves a team! But we can still do a little something to help make things easier for the organizers. So we got together and held a swag bag stuffing event. It’s our little way of contributing to this mega that we’re about to enjoy.

I’ve done a number of things and had a number of hobbies with lots of people involved in one way or another, but this is one of the rare ones where everyone collectively rolls up their sleeves and pitches in to make something that everyone can enjoy. I guess it’s somewhat obvious when you look at it from its first causes: if nobody hides then nobody finds. In this eldritch case, let’s just say that 500 swag bags don’t magically happen unless you’ve got a whole lots of elf hands to bring that magic to life.

10 days and counting!

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