448. Tulsa, Tulsa County (OK42)

Well, I expected more? I’m not saying that it’s not a great edifice befitting a city of its stature of anything like that. I just mean “great” in the “large” sense, not the “super good” sense. It think it’s that 1970s construction style, you know? I know that anything newly built eventually becomes behind the times and, if allowed to exist long enough, will eventually become classic, possibly even timeless perhaps, but I have trouble seeing something like this being considered an architectural marvel in a hundred years.

From the moment I started heading here, Bob Wills was stuck in my head. That means when I got here, there was only one cache for me… Except, of course, the moment I got there a couple in a truck pulled up in the parking lot beside it and decided they wanted to hang out for a while. Since they didn’t look like they were getting out or doing anything to progress towards something, I thought I’d give them a few minutes and wait them out. Maybe they were just checking a phone or something. Maybe they were other geocachers? It’s happened before, though not while I was out on the road. So I waited. And waited. And waited. They just didn’t do anything. So I decided to leave them be for a while. Besides, there was a virtual around the corner I wanted to pick up…

…at a mural dedicated to Woodie Guthrie. To claim it, you had a to take a photo showing that “This Machine _____ _____” with the “_____ _____” of your choice. Well, considering that he helped Lead Belly get some of his first shows, you can see my answer to the riddle. And that was about 15-20 minutes of time burned so I decided to go back to the physical cache I still needed in hopes that the couple were gone. And they were! W00T! So I started the search in earnest, the Tulsa mural looking approvingly upon my efforts, until finally…

…boom went the proverbial dynamite, exactly where I thought it would be, but just clever enough that it wasn’t immediately obvious. Valuing the search, I signed it and claimed it quickly, noting that the chill had departed the air but not the blowing wind. It was warm until the breeze cut through me like an icy scalpel. But there was a warm car to retreat to. I pulled away and got back to the highways. After gassing up and a trip to the little boys’ room, I turned myself north to pull up to the courthouse in…

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