464. Okemah, Okfuskee County (OK58)

Nice courthouse. At least it’s not red. Stately, no complaints here. Of course, it’s not the point of being here (though, hundreds of entries down the pipe kind of say that it actually is, but whatever). What is the point?

Welcome to the birthplace of the one and only Woody Guthrie, folk singer, political activist, friend of Lead Belly, father of another famous folk singer/misdemeanor haver. Surely there would be a Woody themed cache here! There was, but it was a multi and I wasn’t going to get involved with that, but it did bring me somewhere I wanted to visit in town anyway…

The Crystal Theater, long time home of the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival. It also happens that some other people I also admire have been here, too. I’m standing just where they stood… Of course, I originally hadn’t meant this trip to devolve into musical references, but with all the notes bouncing around in my head, I decided to throw my notions to the wind and let the music play if that was what it was going to do anyway. After spending a moment with ghosts of David and Gillian, I decided I should get a cache. I wasn’t going to do Woody’s multi, so where would I go from there? Well, as fate would have it, the most favorited cache in the county was around the back of the building.

All in all, it was just a another brick in the wall. Or, more accurately, a lack of one. I pulled out the rock and look what I found! I did my duty, signing the log, leaving swag, and returning to its previous condition. And I knew what that meant. My work here was done and it was time to go. All pilgrimages, musical or otherwise, must end. Besides, I was inching closer to home with each new stop. It was time to come another metaphorical inch closer, stopping in…

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