463. Ocmulgee, Ocmulgee County (OK57)

Very handsome and stately, no? At the same time, I was pretty much over red brick by this point. One gets tired of the sameness, especially when red brick is the lion’s share of what there is to find out in the field. What I didn’t expect, as evidenced by the SUV with the open back there, was to find some employees unloading files and wall décor. Who would want to be working like this on a Sunday? Maybe someone’s moving into a new office or something similar. I guess good for them getting to work here at the courthouse. Wall art and setting up an office means it’s probably someone of importance like a prosecutor or maybe even a judge or some such. Ultimately (and maybe a little sadly) it’s not important what role they fill here. While I am more than happy to laud the ceaselessly toiling civil servants who make the things we take for granted operate smoothly(-ish), as soon as I drive away, it will literally no longer matter in my world.

The center of town had caches, but they were all multis and whereigos. That was interesting because I never would have expected to see so many whereigos in such a small town, but then again who knows? Maybe someone in the area is obsessed with them? I’d have enjoyed doing one if I had time, but when I’m out on the road, ain’t nobody got time for that (as the meme says). I don’t want to spend a half hour or more of road time looking for a cache. That’s why I wish I had more time to do this. I feel I don’t get to sample the flavor of a town as I did in the old days because efficiency is more important. If only I could take weeks out driving, hitting a half dozen towns in a day, so I could feel the pulse of the place. I’d totally go for the best caches I could if I wasn’t trying to wrestle against time itself. What this ultimately meant, though, is that I had to go to the outskirts of town (which on a certain level is annoying, but then again, the outskirts of town were only two miles away) to grab a quick one. I got my cache, a film canister hanging from a cable inside a tree. I ended up picking the location because this tree at the edge of a local college, was at the location of the only WWII POW hospital. Bit of a change of mission there, yes? With my work there done, I began the next drive. I have to admit that the tiredness was temporarily beaten back by a twinge of excitement. I had been looking forward to my next stop for some time. In fact, it was one of the counties that were absolutely must hit this trip along with Pottawatamie and Oklahoma. I prepared to make a musically motifed meander into…

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