462. Eufaula, McIntosh County (OK56)

I have never seen quite this combination of brick and homey kitsch before in my life. The painted plant holders are a nice little touch in the kids’ rock garden. Otherwise, painted pallets? That’s gonna be a “no” from me, dawg (as they say in the parlance of our times). I wasn’t in the mood to be charitable, either. I’m not going to lie to you, folks: the weakness was creeping up on me. I was already a little tired and drained, thanks to the ice scalpel-like winds. I could feel myself starting to get surly (well, more surly than usual). That is usually the warning that it’s time to start considering wrapping up a trip. I had to find myself back in Austin by the end of the day anyway. I had to start thinking a bit to decide if I would have to cut something off the end of my itinerary to make that happen.

The cache was a coffee can in a notch in some rocks on a hillside by City Hall. The find did, however, come with a bit of a view. I stopped for a minute to take it in. This wasn’t red earth and despair. This was a nice way to greet the rising sun despite the cold and the wind. I know I mock it endlessly, but Oklahoma can be capable of beauty. With that, though, I took a minute to grab gas and water before continuing on towards the bridge that led out of town and in the direction of…

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