349. Albuquerque, Bernalillo County (NM33)

BOOM goes the proverbial (and much reduced) dynamite! My previous ignominy had been avenged! Since a cache had already been retrieved, I was now OFFICIALLY DONE with the state of New Mexico. Selah! And how would I celebrate? By going east to Amarillo!

Since I missed it the first time I was here because of Mr. Bosch‘s landscape, I decided to go to the Cadillac Ranch! Luckily, I did the research before I arrived, so I was prepared! There’s several caches here. The virtual is claimed by figuring out which car’s wheels don’t turn. At this point, that’s several of them… It turns out that there’s a letterbox here that I parked next to by pure chance. And the traditional? Well, you have to sign that log on one of the cars. So I grabbed some spray paint and masking tape on the way here…

AWH (as I have signed on a great many logs) means Atreides Was Here! In black and gold, no less! As a side note I ended up with an interesting tableau…

This is what you imagine the place will be like, quiet and alone, away from the madding crowd, but turn ninety degrees…

…and you see what it’s really like. That, and it could really use a CITO because, as you can see, people leave cans all over the place. Of course, there’s only so much I can do when nobody else cares. All I could do was grab up a bunch of empties on the way out and deposit them in one of the trash barrels by the entrance. I started to make my way south, intending on driving through the night, napping as needed (in appropriate places, not while driving, mind you) but some of those dark and ominous clouds in the background started releasing wind, rain, and other kinds of storm type stuff. I didn’t get far from town before I chose to get a room for the night in Canyon and ride out (or, more to the point, sleep out) the storm.

And with the morning, I continued the long drive home. Of course, I had (and still have) a streak to consider, so I pulled off in Lynn County for an older virtual. I had been doing the math. I was coming up on my two thousandth cache in the near future. I wanted to do something special to commemorate it and I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to do. To do it, though, I needed to start conserving my caches. I could plan a certain weekend for a road trip, but I would have to start restricting myself to one cache a day to make it work. Sure, there was a little room in there and I could/would have to grab a few extra caches to make it all work, and, in a pinch, I could find a few counties and hold them until after the goal. Now was the time to start. I grabbed the one virtual (it’s easier to find an angel on a gravestone for a landmark when it hasn’t fallen to the ground) and kept pushing towards home. And when I walked in my own door, and took off my shoes, and lay in my own bed, it was lovely.

And the next morning, when I awoke, I chose my cache for the day. I logged the New Mexico County Challenge.

And that is how I finished my second state, the Land of Brick and Stucco.

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