Ummm… Stuff And Things?

So, I decided to grab some challenges over the weekend. After grabbing an FTF, I headed to a challenge trail that recently cropped up.

To be honest, they were all pretty similar, so much so that I stopped photographing after the first few. Once you’ve seen one tube sticking out of a tree, you’ve seen them all. I’ve developed a little concern over whether these holes were drilled by the CO or were pre-existing. There were a bunch of empty holes in other trees, so maybe they were taps for testing or some kind of crap like that.

Otherwise, it was a quiet weekend. I should have been out doing epic caching because I have a blogging milestone looming, but it was a weekend much like many others. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I drove down to a Community Celebration in San Antonio for one of the recently deceased folks. There’s going to be another Event after his funeral next month. I’ll decide if I’m going to go once I get a little closer to the date.

I also find myself in a weird spot, but not for the reason you might think. As the Central Texas Representative for the Texas Geocaching Association, one of my responsibilities is to help provide our rotating selections for Cache of the Month and Cacher of the Month. I am currently tasked with choosing the Cache of the Month for April, and there are several decent candidates for it. The weird thing is that there’s a proverbial elephant in the room: Austin is home to the third-most-popular cache in the state, behind only the oldest cache in Texas and an internationally known art installation. I try hard to choose other caches, but I also know that one day I’m probably going to fold and select that one.

Yeah, I think that’s it for today. I got nuthin’ else.

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