The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

It is always hard when I want to get back out on the road and can’t. I really wanted to this coming weekend, but (a) my budget doesn’t reasonably allow it (it might if I squeeze a couple of things, but the memory of Arizona is still fresh in my mind), and (b) rental cars are through the roof! We’re talking three times the normal cost here. I thought it might somehow be March Madness or Cap 10K related, but honestly, I have no clue at this point. Even if I had the funds to absorb such a price jump, I would probably refuse it on principle. Every year I consider renting a vehicle of the 4X4 variety to take to Texas Challenge, and every year I pass on it because the dates align with SXSW and most college spring breaks, meaning everyone wants a car to get around or to get away from Austin or wherever at the same time. That said, unless something serious crops up, I think it’s finally going to happen again in two weeks. I’m planning a three-day trip to points north, and I hope to dispose of some old business, entertain some new business, and maybe even… Hold on. I’ve got to save some surprises for later, no?

Completely unrelated, but there’s an EarthCache up that mountain!

I was going to write this about something completely different, but my original subject, though interesting philosophically, turned out to be infinitely more problematic than I had originally imagined. That’s disappointing because I wanted to have something weightier, more altum videtur, because this is a milestone. Ladies and gentlemen (or however you identify—I don’t mean to be gender assumptive), this is Entry 900. NINE HUNDRED. I still don’t know how I made it here, and all I can really do is thank all of you for reading along with my adventures. Of course, this also means I have to look forward to the big one. I must do something special. Five Hundred was a thing. The next one can be no less special, and yet, what can be bigger than the oldest cache on earth? I guess I have a little time to figure that out (and suggestions are welcome), but much like O’Neill’s Iceman, it cometh.

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

  1. Rental cars have been through the roof for 2 years now. They sold off their fleets during the first year of the pandemic when no one was traveling and have been slow to build them back up. I know that’s one of the reasons I cancelled my trip to the Grand Canyon & Vegas with my son.


  2. Howdy atreides78723!
    I totally understand about the exorbitant cost of rental cars these days (along with EVERYTHING else!). Recently (at the Texas Challenge in Conroe) someone heard my own lament about just this subject, and they mentioned TURO car rental. I have not used them, but I believe it is individuals renting out their personal vehicles. Look it up at, and no, I do not get a referral kickback! Kudos on your 900th installment – keep them coming!
    Hey, maybe for #1000 you should do it live during an event and all your local followers can be there with you. You know how much we love events!


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