141. Canyon, Randall County

Another hour, another courthouse, sitting in the middle of another Texas square. I’m sure there’s something more interesting about this place, but I’ll be danged if I can put my finger on exactly what that is. The grounds weren’t especially remarkable. The time capsule marker is visible in the foreground. A WW1 memorial is out of view, but there. That’s it. I am always a bit confused about how one town can have such a stunning courthouse and then the next one can be boring as all get out. Hopefully the next few will be more interesting aesthetically, but it is what it is.

The cache was also nothing particularly interesting, but that’s alright. Simple caches are fine when I’m out here. Here in the parking lot of a church, across the street from the fire department, the goal can be found. In fact, if you’re clever and you look really, really closely, you might even be able to see it. 🙂 So that happened. And then I got going on the road again, delayed by trying to figure out how to get out of town (somehow it wasn’t as simple as you might think). Eventually the way out was found and I went east until I made it to…

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