142. Claude, Armstrong County

I may have to do a little research on this one to figure out whether this is actually an older courthouse or if it’s fake. I just can’t tell from what looks like a recent stucco job. I suspect the columns and (lacking in architectural terminology) upper facade might be newer additions to an older structure. I don’t know but it gets at least average marks from me.

I “opted” to go get the closest cache. I say “opted” because it was/is the only cache within the town limits and for miles around. You see all that iron wrapped around that? There’s a nano on there. Ughhh. So I went around this entire thing, and didn’t find it. But as I began to go grab something else in the county, I decided to give it one more look over. There was somewhere I thought was completely obvious for it to be so I gave it one more hard look. And it was there! Right in a spot where if you don’t touch it from the right angle you can’t feel it. Cache signed and returned, I moved on down the road again and didn’t stop until I arrived in…

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