Some Days It’s Challenging

Yesterday, I claimed a challenge. That is hardly uncommon, and my streak wouldn’t exist without them. I always claim a State County Challenge on the day after I return home from that trip. I often claim challenges on days where the weather is terrible, or I’m ill, or whatever reason crops up. Heck, during the six days of Snowmageddon, I claimed four challenges. What makes yesterday of note, though, is that for the first time I can remember, I claimed a challenge because I just didn’t feel like finding a cache. That’s not usually a thing for me. Some days I wonder if I might be burning out a little. Sure, I have days when I don’t want to go out and get one. You know what I do on those days? Ninety-eight percent of the time, I go out and get one anyway. That other two percent is covered by “the weather is terrible, or I’m ill, or whatever reason crops up.” Some days it feels like a bit more of a chore rather than a joy. Some days I’d rather enjoy the comfort of my bed than get up early or hold a cold Maglite during a late-night search. We all have those times. Who doesn’t know someone who stopped for a while, whether it be short (a few weeks) or long (a few years)?

I know that’s all idle talk, though. Even when I feel tired, or cold, or tangled in thorny vines, there’s no way I’m stopping. Maybe one day, I’ll be a different person and decide there’s no point in going on. But that day is not today. At least in the greater sense. In a lesser sense, yesterday kinda was, hence the challenge. But today is a new day. Let’s go get a cache.

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