674. Cassville, Barry County (MO021)

Have I seen something that’s straight up cut out of stone out here in a while?  Are there even quarries around here?  I mean, this does look lovely but a lot of the brick here has been red if I remember correctly, except for Springfield and that’s big enough of a place to have cut stone shipped from somewhere else.  Now that I think about it, a couple of the palatial courthouses in the middle of nowhere were cut and a bit roughhewn so I guess there’s got to be something there.  Either way, that’s a digression.  My point here (and I do have one) is that this is a great courthouse.  I noticed there is a semi-circular apse type feature in the back.  I saw something similar in Galena.  I wonder if that’s just an artifact of a particular architect or if it’s part of a style that I’m not hip to? 

The cache was a Lock-n-Lock behind the air conditioning unit of a chiropractic office.  I snagged a couple of trackables for transport south, but with that I was officially done with all but the final stage of the trip: the drive back home.  I, of course, stopped for some caches along the way.

Passing through Fort Smith, I grabbed a Virtual with a strange story behind it.  It was long believed that the relevant tombstone was the murdered mistress of a long-time former mayor.  It turned out it wasn’t her (there was a mistress, though). Thanks to the enigmatic gravestone, the legend was enough to spawn haunted tales.  I stopped at the Virtual at the old fort itself, but it was as involved as a Multi, and after the ignominy of Fort Scott, I let it go.  I picked up some others but little else of note as I continued.  Eventually, I made it home to the comfort of my own bed, and I slept a justly earned rest.

And the next morning, when I awoke, I chose my cache for the day.  I logged The Arkansas County Challenge.

And that is how I finished my fifth state, the Land of Red Dirt and Diamonds.

3 thoughts on “674. Cassville, Barry County (MO021)

  1. Congratulations! I have only finished counties in New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island so far. I’ll get the rest of New England hopefully some time this year, then who knows? I’m more on the finding a cache in the 1400+ towns in New England.


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