483. Greenwood/Fort Smith, Sebastian County (AR35)

The courthouse in Greenwood is OK. After seeing Waldron, it couldn’t be worse. Fort Smith, though obviously newer, is nice. I don’t dislike either of them.

And, as we turn to the right in Fort Smith, we run across what has started to become my least favorite quote to see on any memorial ever! Monument makers just seem to throw it around willy-nilly for anything! Law enforcement! The Military! First Responders! And they don’t even get it right! If you’re not going to get it right, what’s even the point? They’re killin’ me here! Even more distressing is the realization that I actually got Fort Smith wrong! While it houses courts for the county, it isn’t actually the courthouse! Full disclosure: this will not turn out to be the only mistake I make on this trip since, as mentioned back in Poteau, I didn’t plan it too deeply. However, since I did get one of the two right, I’m still going to call the county official. I’ll take another stab at the right courthouse when I’m back in the area, but I can live with this if I need to. This is why I double check these things before I publish (which is funny because, as those of you who get email notifications may have noticed, I accidentally published this for a minute two days early! I hope you enjoyed your sneak peak)!

The cache was on a train caboose in Greenwood. Believe me when I tell you that if there’s anything I dislike more than a micro in a tree, it’s a train cache. There’s 58 million places or anything it could be. So many nooks and crannies! It takes forever. One of my first and most soul weighing DNF’s was that caboose back in Llano. Well, alright, less “soul weighing” and more annoying and stupid. Luckily, a previous finder left a clue that made it easier to find. Thanks to them for that. They made what could have been a harrowing search (that I most certainly would have skipped) into a pleasant smiley in the back end of beyond. Once I hit Fort Smith, I got moving again. My next destination was so close that I couldn’t not go, especially since “so close” meant simply crossing a bridge into…

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