691. Logan, Harrison County (IA04)

This is a lovely courthouse. Nice classical features, but the copper roof really sets it apart. I don’t know if it was originally designed that way or if it was added later, but it definitely made the courthouse memorable. The moment I saw the building, the roof just caught my eye. I also stopped at a visitor center to pick up an Iowa keyring for my keyring collection (one of these days, I should show it to you all). Since it’s in the form of an Iowa flag, I will never forget what it looks like again (until the next time I forget it, anyway)!

There’s little I dislike more than a hide on a rail car. Half the time, they’re nanos that could be anywhere outside, inside, or somewhere in between those giant hunks of metal and the hollow wooden walls. I’ve always considered them a pain in the butt, but I also realize that some of my aversion comes from my first encounter with one in Llano. I have since found others that put the lie to that first assertion. Since this one was on my way to Logan and was supposed to be a regular, I figured, why not? Besides, I had already seen one Confederate battle flag flying from a home’s flagpole, so I wasn’t exactly looking to drive around the county looking for another cache. It turned out to be simple and to the point. Perhaps I might start reassessing my position on train cars. I remember more good experiences than bad. Consider the motion tabled for further consideration. Besides, once I was done with all this, I had more to do upon reaching…

3 thoughts on “691. Logan, Harrison County (IA04)

  1. We too avoid Train hides. But Lebanon OH has one we loved. Best to find with a camera but big enough for a travel Bug.
    We found caboose in western TN and I read a simply “Roots” cache. Humm train well not to many caches in the area so why not. Well it meant the Roots Mini series. And the home of Alex Haley was near by. WOW what a find the museum was closed for COVID but we did not know this was here. Great day of Caching.
    Live and learn we too will look at trains a little more. Thanks for the stories.


  2. I have cracked my skull on several train cars (usually a caboose) and have only managed to make the find on two.


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